Cruise Ship-Chapter 2

Before Barry decided to step back from direct management, he extended the best assistance to Bloom in setting up the ship’s rudders and engines making sure that even in his absence Bloom will be able to maintain their efficiency as well as the management of the staff under him. Bright will handle the hiring of staff, advertising and marketing, finance as well as the overall management of the entire operation of the cruise ship. Chuck will be the CEO, and the only person Bright will be accountable to was Chuck (which was part of his demand to return). Bloom was to report to Bright.

Bloom’s vast experience in different fields, which included tourism, education and sales, helped him manage the overall welfare of the ship’s clients. The efficiency of the system that he and Barry established had become evident in the coming years. He was eventually appointed as the ship’s captain and headed other relevant departments. He enhanced the entire Client Welfare System (CWS) to accommodate more customers coming in. As the number of clients started to grow, some of the staff also had to be given additional responsibilities, and new departments had to be created and existing ones reorganized. New department heads had to be appointed and under Bloom’s supervision, three staff were assigned to manage sub-departments each.

Bloom saw the need for establishing further the strength of the ship’s thrust and navigation as well as the direction and itineraries to attract more clients and not to lose existing ones. So he enhanced the efficiency of the engine and the rudder. The staff working under him were also efficient as they added sails that helped in establishing the ship’s direction, identity and good reputation.

Clients and staff of different nationalities also needed documentations as they come to join, and as the ship travels from one country to another, documents for everyone should also be processed in an organized and timely manner. This need brought in Ms. Ekasarn Legalis. She was responsible on making sure that everyone’s legal documents were updated and complete.

Another department needed was the electrical and CEM maintenance with a resident staff working full-time. This department was in close coordination with Bloom and the engine and rudder maintenance department as well as those dependent on electricity and the use of electronic devices. Mr. Fifa Chan was hired to care for this department.

A supply department was also set-up which covered many areas to provide the ship’s clients’ comfort and entertainment. Food and water supply systems were also improved to make sure that everyone’s needs and health condition were taken into consideration.

As the business continued to grow, more reorganizations were needed. Offices and staff rooms had to be relocated to accommodate more equipment and the growing number of staff. Renovations had to be done on some parts of the ship and vacant spaces were converted into useful rooms and facilities for both staff and clients. Many of the old electronic, communications and mechanical equipment were also upgraded. New furniture were also brought in and old ones that needed repairs were fixed.

As clients need accommodations during their stay, more unused spaces on the ship had to be cleaned, renovated and prepared. This ship is medium-sized that can accommodate a maximum of 600 clients. The former occupant’s clients exceeded this number in just a few years which prompted them to build a larger ship on another dockyard. ESIB’s growth was not as fast but it was growing.

Bloom’s efficiency as the ship’s captain compensated Bright’s bad character. Although the latter was good in speaking with potential clients, he did not have the skill when it comes to dealing with the staff. He also did not speak the language of the business as his background was not in this field. He was good on the initial stage of recruiting new staff and attracting new clients, but as soon as they were in, he disappears or becomes unfriendly and inconsiderate. Bloom had become the shock absorber in pacifying those offended by Bright’s character, both staff and clients.

During the first few years of the business when the ship is at the dockyard, there were staff meetings where Chuck, Bright, Bloom and Craft were always present before everything got busy. Those were happy times and things were running smoothly. With the exception of the issues around Bright, everything was generally peaceful and organized with the guidance of Chuck and Bloom. However, Bright caused troubles to, and had issues with, some of the staff which sometimes disrupted the smooth operation of the ship.

Chuck Park
Bright Swim
Ricky Bloom
Barry Lloyd
Byrd Idotaf
Raffy Craft
Panich Bravo

Ming Su
Han Park
Byeol Park
Buddy Swaggart
Exone Brave
Ekasarn Legalis
Fifa Chan

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